Alexander Koby was born in USSR
Lives, photographs and prints by hands in London

Black and White Film Photography is the subject matter of mine to be working at and living by. It has become rather personal and intimidating matter, – to be able to transform the dream into “day to day” life essence. Authenticity of this particular medium to express realism, has made me think and visualise own self. Having a strong blend of meaning at first instance, it has captured my enabled to create inner by means of natural light, entirely mechanical camera apparatuses, chemicals to be prepared and temperatures to be looked after, timers and clock’s pushing their arrows forwards, hands finding paths in darkness towards the desired print to be born. Minding the flavours, the papers are vaporising within days, shifting the shades and multiplying the grades, to exile for oblivion the age and dates. Marvel is, such eternity myth.

Black and White analogue traditions in thinking and printmaking of earlier 1920-1930’s have become lifetime values to devote oneself to. The achievement of life and movement to part and embody with, – its final act of creation that takes place in the darkroom, home for hope, pure spiritual joy of seeing things and feeling beings. What I am looking for, is to be attentive to life, it is then to capture the image is a great physical and intellectual joy. It is a matter of crying out, of freeing myself, and not of proving one’s own originality. It is a way of living life. By turns poetic and romantic, by straights raw and emotionally driven. Autobiography of realism, that implies love for the eternal and removes the blindfold from the eyes of those, – who have ones. Experience of life through analogue Black and White photography as a work of pure poetry through which we can glimpse the divine, the sublime and mysterious also enhancing the banal, when the significance of the Conversational Poems, written by the voice of the man and bodies of those 35mm and medium format apparatuses mechanical, which felt the soil and the Mother Nature blissful archival.

A life on the ocean wave
The home on the rolling deep